We are the Uninterruptible Power Supply provider you can trust.

Secure the future
of your business

with energy solutions
you can rely on.

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Demand Power?


Demand Power is the Uninterruptible Power Supply provider that your business can depend on. Many Ontario energy storage companies promise perfect power quality, but can they actually deliver it? With our long duration UPS solution, we provide reliable extended backup power for the safety, security and continuity of your operations facility-wide on a 24/7 basis. We guarantee it. Need something else? Carry on reading to discover what else we provide.




Power Quality





Your business deserves the Demand Power advantage.

Every year, power outages in Ontario increase by 25%.

In today’s unreliable energy landscape, just 1 hour of downtime can cost your business $100,000 or more.

Eliminate the risk with Demand Power, the Uninterruptible Power Supply provider on your businesses’ side.



Uninterruptible Power Supply

Our Uninterruptible Power Supply + long duration battery storage solution eliminates the risk of blackouts, brownouts and blips.



Intelligent Power Management

We save our commercial and industrial clients up to 30% off their utility bills.


Our Solutions – Providing Uninterruptible Power Supply and more…

Improve your power quality and reduce costs with our smart,
behind-the-meter energy solutions and peak demand management.


Power Supply

Only our Uninterruptible Power Supply solution operates with zero transfer time, giving you the advantage of immediate protection against power interruptions.


Solar Panels

Decrease your carbon footprint. Access renewable, clean, environmentally friendly energy with our combination solar panel + battery pack solution.


UPS + Natural Fire
Gas Generators

Upgrade your current system and permanently protect your energy supply with our automatic backup generators.


Industries We Service

We offer a wide range of low cost, high reliability energy
solutions to commercial and industrial clients.


Our Process

We simplify the complexities of
power supply
with energy blueprints uniquely designed for your business.


Step 1: Technical Analysis

We begin by creating an in-depth energy profile which includes your yearly consumption and utility load details, as well as customized product recommendations to better serve your business.


Step 2: Proposal

As your energy partner, we align to your strategic vision and provide customized electricity plans designed to meet your unique goals, drive growth, and promote profit for your business.


Step 3: Contract

Our stress-free commitment starts by working together. We’ll complete all the reasonable steps to satisfy every legal requirement.

Step 4: Engineering

Undertaking the access and installation of the equipment is on us. It’s our responsibility to pay for any permit required.

Step 5: Construction

We use world-wide leaders to manufacture and install state of the art on-site facilities. Your electricity infrastructure will be entirely paid by us using the savings from managing your power.

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Secure the future of your
business with
energy solutions you can rely on.


Discover how Demand Power can improve your power quality and reduce costs.


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Demand Power

Secure the future of your
business with energy
solutions you can rely on.


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