In A World Of Increasingly Unpredictable Weather, How Can Industrial UPS Systems Help Your Business?

Commercially speaking, the importance of industrial Uninterruptible Power Supply systems cannot be overstated. Especially after we just witnessed the full force of Mother Nature. In the past month alone, we all watched on as Hurricane Fiona and Hurricane Ian made landfall in North America. The cyclones battered the coasts of The Maritimes and Florida, causing inland flooding too.

As of October 5, these two Category 4 storms have claimed over 100 deaths combined [1] [2]. Right now, these two great North American nations are in the middle of recovery and relief efforts as they pick up the pieces from a sobering September. Experiencing first-hand how scary, destructive, and deadly a combination of heavy rain, heavy winds, flooding, and associated power outages can be, Demand Power firstly wants to extend our sadness and support to everybody affected by the recent cyclones.

Frankly, climate change is causing more severe and unpredictable global weather like the hurricanes we just mentioned. Putting your business at immediate risk, there’s now a much greater urgency for businesses to take preventative steps to protect their premises, their production schedules, and their profits.

During uncertain times like these, industrial UPS systems, like the kind Demand Power specializes in, can provide an extra layer of protection for your business.


Just for a second, picture your business based in either The Maritimes or Florida. Should that business be located by the coast or in a flood zone, you likely just experienced facility damage, damaged machinery, and ruined products.

Not only that but you’re set to experience power grid outages, worker downtime, and aviation and ground transportation delays, preventing suppliers from reaching your facility. The damage and destruction caused can cost millions for some, or complete shutdown for others.

Admittedly, if you had an industrial UPS system installed at your premises, this could not withstand the impact of flooding. Nevertheless, should your industrial facility be more fortunate during unpredictable weather, at least you can rely on a continuous backup power supply negating the threat of power outages.

Besides hurricanes, there’s drought too. Worryingly, the UN claims drought frequency and duration has increased by nearly a third globally since 2000 [3].


Demand Power’s industrial Uninterrupted Power Supply systems in Ontario are a combination of an energy storage system with our facility-wide Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). Ultimately, if the power grid is down due to unpredictable weather, you can confidently continue operations without interruption.

We achieve this by using worldwide leaders to manufacture and install state-of-the-art equipment on-site at your facility. Our team will install an outdoor containerized Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) with battery backup power that is tied into your main power feed.

Our equipment is installable in locations that other systems cannot. Plus, there’s no impact on the grid meaning our permitting and approval is far quicker that alternative energy storage solutions.

Financially speaking, according to The S&C 2020 State of Commercial & Industrial Power Reliability Report, a typical power outage costs 20% of Commercial and Industrial companies at least $100,000. By ignoring the positive impact an industrial UPS system can have, you’re throwing funds like these down the drain. The question to ask yourself is, can your business really afford it?


As we’ve already discussed, climate change is the biggest threat to the world as we know it. Increasing unpredictable weather like September’s North American hurricanes have made this threat loud and clear.

That’s why it’s industry and the rest of civilization’s shared responsibility to challenge and reverse the impacts of climate change before it’s too late. One way your business can do its part is by embracing an industrial UPS system.

Besides the benefits we mentioned earlier, an industrial UPS system is also more environmentally friendly. In short, these systems are turned on at peak times. As such, they avoid less used, dirtier power. The ability to use industrial UPS system power instead of utility power during peaks helps a power grid to avoid the use of the dirtier part of its power supply. The result is less CO2 being emitted, a result that is much more environmentally friendly.

Should the world’s biggest industries work together, both current and future green technology could hold the key to reducing the occurrence and impact of severe and unpredictable weather.


Demand Power is made up of industry experts with years of experience in the energy sector. With world-class experience in power quality management, battery energy storage, and competitive energy markets, speak to our team today.

Everybody has a key role to play in reversing the impact of severe and unpredictable weather. Call us at 1-855-336-2638 to field your questions today.





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