Real Savings. Made Simple. 

As both an Energy Supplier and an Intelligent Power Management company with a unique finance product, Demand Power Group Inc. combines services to provide maximum energy cost savings delivered to our valued clients in the most simplest form, without cost or risk.

We achieve this by providing our clients a fixed energy rate significantly lower than they are currently paying, through their existing utility, directly on their utility bill.

The reduced fixed rate guarantees measurable savings without complexity, enabling our clients to increase their profitability from the first day our Smart Energy System is operation.

We provide our unique solution to our clients by means of an electricity supply agreement… then we take care of the rest.

Client Benefits with Demand Power’s Intelligent Power Solutions

Increase Power Reliability

Demand Power’s Smart Energy Systems provide commercial and industrial clients with improved power quality, increasing equipment up-time and maximizing plant productivity.

The Demand Power team has deep experience with all aspects of power quality for Commercial and Industrial customers.

We provide systems that can protect against all forms of power quality problems at no additional cost to our client, but rather paid for through and included within the reduced fixed energy rate on our client’s utility bills.

In summary, our Smart Energy Systems help deliver the guaranteed savings while simultaneously improving power quality.

Our experts will provide long lasting solutions that will remain effective for many years, ensuring optimum performance throughout the electricity supply agreement.

As part of our standard offering, Demand Power monitors, operates and maintains all the systems in our fleet, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Reduce Energy Costs

Our Smart Energy Systems can be designed to reduce energy costs that enable increased profits for commercial and industrial clients by managing their electricity consumption as described below.

Global Adjustment Reduction  involves delivering energy to the grid during the 5 peak hours that the utility uses to set their customer’s Global Adjustment Rate. This is a complex process involving the prediction of Ontario’s peak load periods. Demand Power uses peak prediction algorithms and power electronics to achieve the highest level of GA Reduction possible.

Energy Arbitrage is also possible with the same equipment and involves buying power during times when the energy costs are low and using stored energy when costs are higher. The savings from this action are leveraged by Demand Power to guarantee our clients a lower fixed rate on their utility bills.

Demand Response programs are available to Intelligent Power System operators such as Demand Power, who can deliver energy to the grid on demand, allowing the utility to stabilize the grid during peak hours. Through economies of scale, Demand Power leverages Demand Response programs coupled with Operating Reserve contracts as a means to guarantee reduced fixed rates to our clients.

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Adding Value Throughout the Power System

For Local Distribution Companies (LDC), energy storage is a utility-grade tool that can provide targeted capacity and load relief in congested areas by utilizing cost-effective and environmentally-friendly technologies.

These “non-wire” assets can replace costly distribution level infrastructure upgrades and can be sited directly in problem areas where traditional or progressive power generation is not viable.

Demand Power Group Inc. supports the utilities by curtailing and alleviating load on their distribution networks during peak demand hours, potentially enabling them to avoid brownouts and future costly upgrades on their power infrastructure system. In doing so, we help balance the amount of power that can be distributed across their network.

Our efficiency enhancing products and services capture significant energy cost savings that are passed on to our valued clients,

without our clients having to change their energy consumption patterns or subjecting them to the capital cost, complexities or risk associated with deploying and managing Intelligent Power systems.

Reducing Energy Costs has Never Been Easier for Medium and Large Power Consumers

Demand Power provides commercial and industrial power consumers free, no commitment, energy evaluations to demonstrate exactly how much we can “guarantee” to significantly reduce their company’s power utility bills.

Discover your new fixed electricity rate by scheduling a free consultation today.

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