Our Savings Guarantee

Unlike other energy suppliers and retailers we blend the Hourly Ontario Energy Price (HOEP) and the Global Adjustment (GA) rate on our client’s utility bills to provide a single fixed, significantly lower rate.

Our reduced fixed rate guarantees savings for our clients.

Unlike energy storage companies we provide our clients significant savings from day one without any capital investment or fees required.

With Demand Power there is no cost, or risk and our clients always have clarity about the amount of money they will save on their electric utility bills.

Technology Partners

Leveraging economies of scale and relationships established over decades, Demand Power Group Inc. negotiates large volume purchasing agreements with leading global technology providers in order that we may implement the most advanced, proven solutions into our Intelligent Power system designs, at the most competitive price.

Our top tier suppliers also provide us with bankable perfomance guarantees and certified, premium maintenance programs.

As a no-cost service provider, choosing the right technology provider for each tailored application is important to Demand Power because it enables us to maximize and guarantee the energy cost savings we provide our clients through their utility.

Associates & Affiliates

Reducing Energy Costs has Never Been Easier for Medium and Large Power Consumers

Demand Power provides commercial and industrial power consumers free, no commitment, energy evaluations to demonstrate exactly how much we can “guarantee” to significantly reduce their company’s power utility bills.

Discover your new fixed electricity rate by scheduling a free consultation today.

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