Microgrids and their Value Proposition

A Microgrid is a group of distributed energy technologies – such as solar panels, small-scale wind, biomass boilers, natural gas generators, battery energy storage and other distributed energy resources combined with intelligent software to both monitor, predict, manage and optimize energy supply and demand for a small-scale energy system. These distributed energy resources act together as a single controllable entity and can connect and disconnect from the grid to operate in “grid connected” or “island” mode, delivering significant advantages over conventional systems.

A Microgrid solution lowers the total cost of electricity while improving the client’s power system reliability and resiliency. In some instances the energy cost savings recouped in the first few years can be used to cover the cost of the complete Microgrid system.

Demand Power offers Microgrid solutions and services to First Nation reserves, municipalities, hospitals, mines, developers of industrial parks and neighbourhoods, cities, universities, Local Distribution Companies and other communities and organizations interested in enhancing their power network.


Reducing Energy Costs has Never Been Easier for Large Power Consumers

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