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UPS Backup Systems For Your Business

UPS backup systems are vital for food and beverage processing facilities. Why? Because the advancement of a product from supplier to consumer requires sophisticated assembly utilizing automated production technology.

We understand that increased competition and demand has led to the rapid growth of increasingly complex technology that depends on effective dependable power. We also appreciate that maximizing food safety and quality, increasing distribution efficiency and minimizing cost are top priorities in your process.

Stay in control of operational costs and production losses due to power disruptions. With Demand Power’s UPS backup systems, you can protect specialized custom equipment, prevent hazards, and plan for power outages ahead of time.

Experience seamless uninterrupted power and reduce your costs with Demand Power.

Our UPS Backup Systems Help You Protect What Really Matters

  • Continuous and cycle processing
  • Intricate high-tech quality control processes
  • Waste elimination and uninterrupted workflow

What Are The Impacts of Power Outages on Food and Beverage Processing?

  • Financial losses
  • Production stoppage
  • Machinery damage
  • Loss of business
  • Facility shutdowns
  • Loss of inventory
  • Equipment restarts
  • Delivery or service delays
  • Worker downtime
  • Extra work time
  • Extra costs of operating backup electrical equipment

Food For Thought

The S&C 2020 State of Commercial & Industrial Power Reliability Report found that a typical outage costs 20% of C&I companies at least $100,000.


How Is Our UPS Power Backup Installed?

With our Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), if the power grid is experiencing any issues, you can confidently continue operations without interruption.

We achieve this by using worldwide leaders to manufacture and install state-of-the-art equipment on-site at your facility. Our team will install an outdoor containerized Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) with backup battery power that is tied into your main power feed.

Our equipment is installable in locations that other systems cannot. There’s no impact on the grid meaning our permitting and approval is far quicker than alternative energy storage solutions.

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A power supply you can rely on is everything, especially for food and beverage processing plants. It maximizes productivity, prevents waste, and safeguards employees. So why risk power outages and settle for anything other than true uninterrupted power? Demand Power’s Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS power backup) equipment guarantees reliable electricity for the safety, security and continuity of your operations facility-wide on a 24/7 basis.

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