Demand Power significantly reduces Ontario Pulp and Paper plants power utility bills

Ontario pulp mills can have their Global Adjustment (GA) rates significantly reduced by curtailing their power usage by only a few seconds, without impacting plant machinery. Paper processing units (including coating processes) can also be slowed down for one to two hours or entirely stopped for longer periods.

In addition, Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) may be implemented to provide Demand Flexibility, shifting eligible loads across the hours of a day to lower-cost times, reshaping the daily load curve.

Cogeneration units producing steam and electricity for the mills can also be offered in the capacity market.

Demand Power utilizes its peak predicting software systems to integrate and provide the above solutions to the Pulp and Paper sector as a no-cost service, delivering a significant reduction on the facility’s electric utility bills without any capital cost, complexities or risk.

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