Demand Power Group Inc. Announces Commencement Of Construction For Leading Architectural Glass Firm AGNORA

TORONTO, Canada, November 16, 2020

Demand Power Group Inc. (“DPGI”) is pleased to announce that construction has commenced on a Uninterruptible Power Supply system for AGNORA, a leading, innovative oversized architectural glass fabricator and customer service company shipping glass throughout North America.

The new partnership will see Demand Power Group Inc. (“DPGI”) install an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) at AGNORA’s 225,000 square foot production facility in Collingwood, Ontario.

The Uninterruptible Power Supply will be combined with a long duration battery. This will provide AGNORA a continuous supply of power and immediate protection against blackouts and electric grid disturbances. This electricity supply will meet the complex high-quality tolerances required by the firm.

A key part of AGNORA’s strategic planning, the project will also help the firm achieve their business objectives of reducing their electricity cost, improving their power quality and mitigating risk associated with sudden power interruption such as product loss and overall downtime.

Leaders in CNC fabrication, polishing and edgework, lamination, insulated glass, heat treatment and digital ceramic printing, AGNORA manufactures oversized glass up to 130” x 300”. Their product is used everywhere from Manhattan penthouses to Hollywood movie sets, airport control towers to display exhibits.

“We consider ourselves a customer service company, therefore we’re continually looking for partners and solutions that enhance the customer experience.” said Brad Miller, AGNORA’s CFO. “We produce oversized, complex and unique architectural glass with high-quality tolerance while accommodating tight turn-around requirements. In order to meet our customer’s challenges, it’s crucial that our facility has a power supply we can rely on. We’re excited about Demand Power’s value proposition and how it will help us meet our company targets.”

“As a growth provider of innovative behind-the-meter energy solutions, we are pleased to showcase the difference we can make to leading C&I companies right here at home in Ontario with our UPS solution and power supply contract.” said Raj Chudgar, Demand Power’s CEO.

Demand Power Group Inc. (“DPGI”) was founded in 2018 to provide solutions to large manufacturing plants and other industrial operations that aim to improve energy quality and reduce energy costs. As an Uninterruptible Power Supply provider, Demand Power’s behind-the-meter system incorporates long duration batteries to allow Ontario’s commercial and industrial companies to benefit from additional services and value streams.

For more information about Demand Power (“DPGI”), please contact CEO Raj Chudgar by phone (647-812-8815) or email

This press release was originally distributed to Canada Newswire on November 16, 2020.



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