Is Power Quality Hurting Your Bottom Line? A UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply Can Help

With COVID-19 causing havoc to businesses worldwide, anything affecting your bottom line should be doubly concerning right now. Granted, power quality is something not so easy to trace, identify or address. However, when it threatens your production capabilities, it can cause downtime lasting any time between a few hours to multiple days. Ultimately, this will depend on the time it takes to reset all your systems. Moreover, power quality issues can also cause damage to sensitive equipment. This creates tremendous amounts of waste, particularly in high-speed continuous processing systems.

Generation of Power in Ontario: How Is Your Power Supply And Power Quality Composed?

Power quality is generally composed of variations in voltage, transients (both current and voltage), harmonics, and continuity of service from the power grid. While all these factors make up the composition of power quality, issues arising from your local power grid are predominantly voltage based. This includes voltage sags and voltage spikes. Did you know voltage sags and spikes have been doubling in North America power grids every 5 years? This started in the 2000’s, and as of 2020, they comprise over 90% of the momentary issues recorded.1

This increase in voltage issues has been occurring due to a number of reasons. These include the grid age and the increased growth of distributed generation. According to the 2017 Pan-European Power Quality Survey, power quality issues cause an average of 4% in losses to commercial and industrial customers.2 So how much is 4% added production worth to you? And why would you accept these losses in your facility when there’s a solution that addresses it?

Demand Power’s UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply Provides The Reliability You Need

Demand Power’s innovative solution can minimize your power quality issues. Our solution implements a UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply for your entire facility. Therefore, this will address most momentary or intermittent power quality issues. Our solution doesn’t only address power quality issues and inbound power cleaning, it also addresses power factor issues you have with the power grid too. Ultimately, this will save you money. Lastly, since we add a ‘long duration battery’ with the UPS power supply, we can also provide you with some remediation for longer-term outages. This is generally outages less than one hour.

Are You Considering Switching Power Supply? Making The Right Choice Is Easy

So now you know there is a solution that can take your power quality troubles away. But what if we also told you it would not cost you a dime?

The question remains, why would you continue to be ok with 4% in lost production and downtime if Demand Power (“DPGI”) could address this at no cost to you?

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