Who We Are

We are an Energy Supplier that utilizes advanced Demand Management Software, Control Systems, Onsite Generation and Energy Storage to significantly reduce operating costs for medium and large electricity consumers.

“Real Savings. Made Simple” captures our philosophy that purchasing and consuming affordable, reliable energy should be stress-free.

It goes hand in hand with our access to easy-to-understand supply plans that implement the most advanced Smart Energy Systems, convenient sign-up options, and superior customer service.

Demand Power’s commitment to reducing energy costs on behalf of our valued customers remains unwavering.

We know you’ve got better things to do than monitor the energy markets and manage your electricity consumption using complex software and hardware systems.

Once our clients agree to a reduced fixed rate and plan, the rest is left up to us.



How it Works

Demand Power supplies energy to our clients through their local utility.

We then manage the electricity as our clients consume it.

Our unique, multi tier service enables us to maximize energy cost savings on behalf of our clients.



What You Should Know

  • Consumers have the option to purchase electricity from a large number of suppliers and retailers. However, Demand Power has a significant competitive advantage over most suppliers and retailers because we are also a Smart  Energy Management company, enabling us to reduce the cost of electricity significantly lower than our competition. Unlike most energy suppliers and retailers,  are are also able to affect our client’s Global Adjustment (GA) costs, in addition to their Electricity (HOEP) rate.
  • Our Smart Energy Systems manage the power after it has been delivered by the local utility, shifting the time of day the power is purchased and increasing power reliability.
  • Our Smart Energy Systems include peak demand predicting software that may control Battery Energy Storage, Uninterruptible Power Supply and/or power generator systems.
  • We do not bill our clients for these systems or services, but rather they are included in the single fixed lower rate provided on your utility bill. Specifically, our Smart Energy Systems help further reduce the fixed lower rate we provide.
  • Nothing changes with the way the electricity is delivered to your business when you purchase it through Demand Power, nor do you need to alter the way or time you consume it. The primary change you will notice is your lower fixed rate and increased power reliability.
  • Customers enjoy the same level of service whether you purchase electricity from Demand Power or your local utility, however your power reliability will increase when you work with Demand Power because you will have access to back up power at no cost.
  • Switching to a retailer is completed by your local utility in as little as 3 business days. Depending on the Smart Energy System that will be implemented by Demand Power, the reduced energy rate will appear on your utility bill as soon as the system has been installed.
  • Your facility always stays connected to the grid, therefore you can draw power directly from the utility as you are currently doing, seamlessly, at any time.
  • Upon expiration of our electricity supply agreement, in the event you choose not to renew, Demand Power will restore your facility’s electric system back to its original state at no cost.


As a single point of contact to multiple best-in-class vendors that contribute to each stage of our value chain, Demand Power’s turn key intelligent energy solutions include:

  • Consultation, Energy Analysis & ProForma
  • A-Z Financing
  • Design & Engineering
  • Development & Permitting
  • Procurement & Construction
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Monitoring & Evaluation 24/7, 365 Days a Year

Executive Team & Senior Advisors

“The Demand Power team is comprised of best-in-class experts with experience in every aspect of the energy sector, from finance, regulation, analytics and development to technology, engineering, procurement, construction, operations and maintenance.”

Where To Find Us

Demand Power is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario.

Our Commitment & Shared Belief

The Demand Power team is committed to excellence in improving power quality and significantly reducing energy costs for medium and large commercial and industrial consumers.

We are committed to the environment and the communities in which we operate through the deployment of technologies that reduce carbon emissions while enhancing economic sustainability.

From ensuring people’s safety and security to meeting the challenges of climate change and strengthening our integration into local communities, we act in a responsible manner every day.

This is what we believe being committed to more economical, reliable and responsible power is all about.


Reducing Energy Costs has Never Been Easier for Medium and Large Power Consumers

Demand Power provides commercial and industrial power consumers free, no commitment, energy evaluations to demonstrate exactly how much we can “guarantee” to significantly reduce their company’s power utility bills.

Discover your new fixed electricity rate by scheduling a free consultation today.

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