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Delivering unparalleled reliability and savings to Commercial & Industrial consumers.

Benefits Of Choosing Demand Power

Based in Ontario, Canada, Demand Power (“DPGI”) supplies 100% reliable, cost-effective green power to commercial and industrial clients in-province and beyond. Discover how we can improve your power reliability, with the installation of an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), and reduce costs, with our smart, behind-the-meter energy storage and coincident peak demand management.

Our energy solution is multi-faceted. It provides several advantages for you – our customers. Have a look at our industries we serve to see the different benefits we offer.

We reduce costs and provide assurance

In Ontario, we guarantee a rate for the entire length of our power agreements. This provides you certainty over cost and savings.

We provide power reliability

Only our Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solution operates with zero transfer time. This gives you the advantage of immediate protection against power interruptions.

We manage coincident peak demand

We’ll utilize large-scale energy storage to offset the consumer demand in the hours of coincident market peak demand.

We help you with green initiatives

Our backup power has no emissions compared to backup generator sets. With our smart energy storage and backup system, you can decrease your carbon footprint and access renewable, clean and environmentally friendly energy.

Why Choose Demand Power?


Experience seamless uninterrupted power and reduce your costs with Demand Power.


We’ll supply your business clean and continuous power so you can avoid power interruptions. Run your facility operations safely and securely on a 24/7 basis. That’s our guarantee!


Demand Power is not an equipment vendor, electricity retailer or energy service company. We are a unique combination of all three. Discover the Demand Power difference and safeguard the future of your enterprise.

Your Business Deserves The Demand Power Advantage

26% of manufacturers experience power outages at least once a month. 58% of these outages last more than one hour*.

In today’s unreliable energy landscape, a typical power outage costs 20% of commercial and industrial companies at least $100,000**.

Don’t let aging infrastructure and unpredictable weather hold you back. Eliminate the risk with Demand Power, the power reliability provider on your businesses’ side.

*Department of Energy
**The S&C 2020 State of Commercial & Industrial Power Reliability Report

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Our solution eliminates the risk of blackouts, brownouts and blips.

Intelligent Power Management

We save our commercial and industrial clients up to 20% off their utility bills.

Industries We Service

We offer a wide range of low cost, high reliability energy solutions to commercial and industrial clients.

Assembly and Manufacturing plants

Many of the tools used in modern manufacturing consist of highly sensitive interchangeable parts requiring advanced computers and robotics for efficiency and defect control. Protect mission critical processes and eliminate the impact of grid disturbances to keep sensitive equipment running smoothly.

Food and Beverage Processing

The advancement of a product from supplier to consumer requires sophisticated assembly utilizing automated production technology. We know that maximizing packaging and distribution efficiency while minimizing cost is a top priority in your process. Stay in control of operational costs and production losses due to power disruptions.

Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Patient rooms, sensitive medical equipment, security, staff and all the diverse inputs needed to manage patient care are critical for your operations. Consistent reliable power is vital. Keep sensitive equipment safe from grid instabilities by guaranteeing a quality power supply. As power is a key operational cost centre, work with us to manage your operating budgets now and in the future.

Government and Municipal Institutions

Our UPS for business will help your institution avoid any data breach. Not only will it provide your premises a quality power supply, but it will maximize manpower and automation power for research and development purposes.

Modern High-Tech Farming and Agriculture

Many of the processes used in farming and agriculture involve highly sensitive tools for mass-scale goods production and quality control. We protect mission critical processes and eliminate the threat of power outages to ensure the continual operation of your sensitive equipment.


Worker safety, continuous production and streamlined equipment maintenance are fundamental to guarantee efficient mine performance. Anticipate and control power failures caused by unstable electrical conditions to protect your mission critical mining operations. Activate energy security and rely on our backup power to protect your business.

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Eliminate The Threat Of Power Outages. Contact Demand Power Today.

A power supply you can rely on is everything, especially for Commercial and Industrial enterprises. It maximizes productivity, prevents waste, and safeguards employees. So why risk power outages and settle for anything other than true uninterrupted power? Demand Power’s Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS power supply) equipment guarantees reliable electricity for the safety, security and continuity of your operations facility-wide on a 24/7 basis.

Discover our difference. Unleash the power of reliability and reduce your costs with Demand Power. Call 1-855-336-2638.

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